BaseNZ - Best Price Guarantee


We guarantee the best price online in New Zealand when possible!

It's that simple.

Found the exact same product at another NZ online store, for a cheaper RRP price?

We will match it AND ship it to you for free! (within NZ).

Just reach out to the BaseNZ team with the name of the product and a link to the online retailer and we will get back to you and see what we can do.

The small print (because it's always got to be there)

1. BaseNZ fully reserves the right to decide when to apply the Best Price Guarantee.

2. Rewards Points cannot be earned or spent on approved price guarantee transactions. As the item is effectively on sale pricing as opposed to RRP point will not be distributed as per our T&C's.

4. In order to apply for the Best Price Guarantee, the product for sale by the competing NZ retailer must be available to purchase and the exact same product and be advertised price (does not apply to extra in cart discount codes, etc).

5. The Best Price Guarantee will only apply to products by competing retailers that are both; online retailers and based in New Zealand. BaseNZ will not accept requests from retail stores that are not online.

Contact Us for more info or if you would like a price match