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Wanaka & Queenstown Ski & Snowboard Rental FAQ

Got questions about renting ski and snowboard gear in Wanaka & Queenstown with Base Ultimate Rentals? You're in the right place. We've got lots of answers.

Don't hesitate to contact our crew if you can't find an answer to your question here. We're all about getting you the gear you need for your ultimate ski holiday in the Southern Lakes and we'd love to help you out. 

Q: What will it cost to rent gear for a day?
A: A full explanation of all prices is offering on our prices page or get a quotation for a full idea of the cost for your group.

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Q: What sort of gear do you offer?
A: The quality of gear we offer you is a big part of why we are The Ultimate snow gear rental option in the Southern Lakes.

All our gear is a maximum of 2 seasons old & regularly maintained. That means you get ski/ride the latest gear from brands like Rossignol, Armada, Nordica, K2, Line, Ride, Capita, Salomon & more. Get the full low down on Ultimate gear.

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Q: What Level of skier or rider am I?
A: We've made determining what level rider you are as simple as possible.

  • Basic Boards and Skis are designed for easy riding and beginners.
  • Performance Boards and Skis are designed for intermediate riders that have been skiing or snowboarding 3-4 times before and want to take it to the next level.
  • Ultimate Boards and Skis are the best in skiing and boarding. The tastiest treats for those that appreciate a nicer ride, and specialist skis and boards for intermediate to experienced skiers and boarders.

Head over to our gear page for more detail on your options & specific gear we will have available.

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Q: Do we get discounts for Multi-day rental?

A: You Bet!!! If you rent with BASE for 6 days or longer you will receive 20% discount, for rental of 4-5 days you will receive a 10% discount. Check out our full price list.

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Q: Are there special rates available for large groups?
A: Absolutely. If you have a group of 9 or more people email us the details of your trip and we will suss you out with our group rates! 

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Q: Can we get Student Deals?
A: Totally!!! Students get 10% off your rental with Student I.D. (normal discounts apply after 4 days) 

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Q: Can I exchange my skis if I don't like them?
A: Yes. We want you to be satisfied with your equipment. You might also want to consider our exchange program and try some of latest skis & boards before you buy them.

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Q: Can I exchange my ski rental for a snowboard?
A: Definitely. Or you can switch from snowboards to skis. Or maybe use our exchange program to try out gear you've got your eye on. Just be aware that  there may be a price difference.

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Q: When should I make my reservation?
A: As soon as possible! We cannot take rental bookings the day before.

We highly recommend you reserve your gear, as, during peak periods, it may not be available.

Not sure you can commit to a date? Get a quote before you book to ensure you are aware of the actual cost with any discounts you are eligible for.

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Q: Can I pick my gear up in Queenstown and then drop it off in Wanaka or vise versa?
A: Yes you can. Lots of people do. It's one of the things that makes renting with us so convenient. 

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Q: Can we pick up our ski or snowboard equipment the day before?
A: Of course! Please come in anytime after 3pm and there is no charge for that day's rental.

Note: if you have requested a specific model, it may not be available until the following day, as we may not have it in store yet & it will need to be tuned.

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Q: We want to take a day off in the middle, how do I reserve this?
A: Renting equipment is just like renting a car. If you do not use them for a day, you will have to pay for them.

You'll find our Multi-day Discounts offer great value and provide flexibility. So you can take the equipment and use it all of the days or else take time off. Either way, it's a rad deal!

Otherwise, if you want to take a break from the slopes during your trip and return your gear, you will need to make two separate reservations.   

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Q: Do you have a refund policy?
A: Sure do! We will gladly give you a refund if in the event, all mountains are closed or if you incur serious injury or Covid affects your ability to get to the Southern Lakes.

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Q: What's the deal with insurance?
A: We offer optional rental insurance at $3 per day and is highly recommended! This covers repairable damage.  Check out below the difference between repairable and non-repairable damage.  You'll see it's well worth the $3! 

Repairable damage includes:

  • Base Work and P-Tex
  • Tunes and edge sharpening
  • Base patches
  • Core shots
  • Broken sidewalls
  • Broken edges

Non-repairable damage* -- not covered by optional insurance -- includes:

  • Snapped board or ski
  • Cracked top sheet
  • Excessive base damage
  • De-lamination

*If the damage is non-repairable there is an insurance excess of $350 to be paid. If the rental equipment is not insured, the replacement cost must be paid in full. Insurance does not cover the theft of equipment. 

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Q: What ski area should I go to?
A: There are 6 ski areas plus acres of heli access mountains in the Southern Lakes area. 

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Q: Where are Base Ultimate Rentals' Shops?

A: Base Rentals is at 12 Helwick St in Wanaka and at the Queenstown Central shopping complex in Frankton, Queenstown.

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Q: Any more queries?
A: Please email us or call (03)443 6620 for Wanaka rental or (O3)442 6652 for Queenstown rental.

We're open 7am-7pm, 7 days a week during winter.