BaseNZ Rider Rewards Loyalty

Rider Rewards

We want to reward you for shopping with us!

Join our Rider Rewards Loyalty Program and we will hook you up with awesome rewards that you can spend both online & in store! 

We’re stoked that you have chosen to shop with BaseNZ and we want you to reap the benefits of the BaseNZ Rider Rewards Program to show our thanks. It takes two minutes to jump on board & earn 100 points - that's $10 to spend on your next BaseNZ purchase. So, click the button below and let's roll!


Here's the lowdown:

Once you've signed up, you are ready to go! Welcome to the Rider Rewards fam!

To earn your first rewards, all you need to do is sign up! That's right; sign up and you get 100 points to put toward your next purchase. Also, check out the other ways you can earn rewards by following us on social media, referring a friend and completing your profile online.

Then every time you make a full priced purchase (points are not earnt on sale items or purchases made with Rider Rewards sorry) ether in store or online you will collect points towards unlocking new levels of discounts in both % amounts and $$$.

BE STRATEGIC!!! Sometimes its better to not spend your points and save them up for bigger rewards!!! Example - don't spend a $10 reward on a $500 purchase as you will miss out on the rewards earnt from that purchase as no rewards are earnt if you spend on a purchase. Kapeesh?

Don't forget to log into your account before you check out so the Rider Rewards can be applied to your account. 


And that's just the start of the savings on offer...

100 points - $10 off your next purchase
200 points - $20 off your next purchase
300 points - $30 off your next purchase
500 points - $50 off your next purchase
750 points - $100 voucher 
1000 points - 15% off your next purchase
1500 points - $200 voucher
2000 points - 20% off your next purchase
3000 points - $500 voucher 



Leave a review on your purchase = 25 Points
Follow us on Instagram = 50 Points
Liking our Facebook Posts = 10 Points
Sharing our store on Facebook = 10 Points
Also, refer a friend to us and get 100 Rider Rewards for yourself
and 10% off for them when they make their first purchase!
Just copy and paste the link in the CHECK REWARDS - Refer a friend
tab at the bottom of the screen.

How to redeem your Rider Rewards

Redeeming your rewards is easy as, in store or online.

Just login to your account and click on the BLUE CHECK REWARDS tab at the bottom of the screen to see how many rewards you have accumulated and select your preferred reward on the ladder to apply to your cart. You don't have to spend all your reward points in one purchase - they are yours and you can spend them as you please. Save them up, use them all or split them up over multiple purchases. 

For any queries about our Rider Rewards Loyalty program, please get in touch with our team.

Sweet hook-up’s

Not only will you get hooked up with some serious discounts after you sign up for Rider Rewards but you will also be subscribed to our BaseNZ mailing list.

Don't worry we hate spam too, so we'll only email you when we have something rad to offer. Promise.

Our mail-out will give you the opportunity to;

  • Sneak peek into our newest stock 

  • Hear about our biggest promotions first hand. 

  • Receive special shopping coupons and more exclusive deals.



* BaseNZ Rider Rewards are not available to earn or spend in conjunction with other offers or sale items - unless otherwise stipulated.

Rider Rewards are also not earned on purchases when you redeem rewards so sometimes its better to save them up!

Members must login to their account to receive rewards. If a Member is not logged in then rewards will not be added to their account. However if you stuffed up and didn't for some reason just get in touch and we can sort it for you.

Rider rewards are only valid on selected products (e.g not on sale items or other offers).

Registration for BaseNZ Rider Rewards is free.

Rider Reward Members are responsible for ensuring their personal details are accurate at all times, this includes a valid email address. Reward members can update their details by logging into their account.

Rider Rewards are not transferable or earnt on sale items.