About Us

The BASENZ crew live, work and play in Wanaka.

Passionate about life, freeride and freestyle skiing and snowboarding, we are out in the mountains that surround us riding every day. All that riding pays off for you – you get the best advice on the latest outerwear, skis and snowboards, because we have tried and tested every product we sell. It’s a tough job. We believe in our gear and advice enough to give you our special 2 year Ski and Snowboard Guarantee. Our team all love what they do and everyone contributes to what makes BASENZ.COM great.

So how did we get to where we are today?

Back in 1999, BASE founders, Brent & Chris settled in Wanaka after many seasons chasing fat pow in resorts across the globe. They turned their passion for skiing and snowboarding into their first business, BASE, right in town. The first BASE shop opened up and specialized in street-wear, ski & snowboard hardware, outerwear and streetwear. Next, a premium ski and snowboard rental unit, Ultimate Rentals. Also, Ultimate Workshop (originally operated out of the garage under the art center), now located in its own dedicated, specialist workshop at 39 Helwick Street.

In 2005, BASE entered the online market and retail the best premium snow brands around. Now we were able to hook up skiers and snowboarders from all over and provide freshest new products online, for holiday makers, locals and those in the know, globally. Flash forward to present day and BASE is still holding true to its roots, online and in store. Our goal is for you to get the most out of your riding every day. Go well. Live large BASE - Living it since 1999.

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