BaseNZ Rider Rewards

rider rewards explained


Join our Rider Rewards Program and we will hook you up with $10 store credit for every $100 you spend on selected products*.

Hell yeah. 

We’re stoked that you have chosen to shop with BaseNZ and we want you to reap the benefits of the BaseNZ Rider Rewards Program to show our thanks. It takes two minutes to jump on board- so click the button below and let's roll!


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Here's the lowdown:

Once you've signed up, you are ready to roll! Welcome to the Rider Rewards fam!

To earn your first rewards, all you need to do is make a purchase worth $100 or more on one or more of our selected products*. Every $100 you spend will give you $10 credit straight to your Rider Rewards account that you can spend on our selected products online and in our stores!

So, your only job is to start thinking about what you are going to spend the cash money you earn on!  Don't forget to log into your account before you start shopping so the Rider Rewards can be applied to your account. 

Redeem your Rider Rewards

Redeeming your rewards is easy as. Login to your account to see how many rewards you have accumulated and select to apply your Rider Rewards in the payment screen when you have finished your shopping. You don't have to spend all your rewards in one purchase either- it's your money now and you can spend it as you please. 

For any queries about Rider Rewards, please get in touch with our team. 

Sweet hook- up’s

Not only will you get hooked up with some serious coin after you sign up for Rider Rewards but you will also be subscribed to our BaseNZ mailing list.

Don't worry we hate spam too, so we'll only email you when we have something rad to offer. Promise.

Our mail-out will give you the opportunity to;

  • Participate in monthly draws and competitions,

  • Sneak peek into our newest stock 

  • Hear about our biggest promotions first hand. 

  • Receive special shopping coupons and more exclusive deals.)