IXS Dagger Knee Guard

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IXS Dagger Knee Guard

IXS Dagger Knee Guard

A more beefed up alternative to the Flow Knee Guard for those who want to push their riding towards the freeride / gravity / enduro end of the riding spectrum but who don't want the added bulk of a full length DH spec shin & knee combo.

However, the Daggers still provide protection to the upper shin which we find is often where your spikey pedals strike if you slip off them.

Feature Summary:

AeroMesh - When the temperature gets up, you can sometimes be tempted not to wear your protection but with the AeroMesh moisture wicking, breathable and anti-bacterial fabric of the Daggers, you can always choose to wear them!

IXS Dagger Knee Guard Aero Mesh

Squeezebox - Another reason some people choose not to wear protection is that they feel constricted in their knee flex. Squeezebox gives you the freedom to flex your knee via a folded rubber link which reduces the force required to bend the pad.

IXS Dagger Knee Guard Squeezebox

Knee Gusset - The Knee Gusset serves two purposes, firstly helps to keep the pad from sliding down by cupping around the knee cap itself. It also distributes the force of an impact more evenly adding extra injury prevention.

IXS Dagger Knee Guard Gusset

Armadillo Duo - It's always a balancing act between providing a durable protective outer shell whilst remaining flexible. With the dual-compound layer you get the best of both worlds.

IXS Dagger Knee Guard Armadillo Duo

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