How to Buy a Snowboard or Ski Helmet


Wearing a helmet can actually add comfort and warmth and give you more confidence, making you a better skier or rider.

You need to get the right helmet to enjoy this added comfort and warmth, and confidence…

  • What to Look For in a Snowboard or Ski Helmet
  • What to Expect to Spend
  • Getting the Right Helmet Fit
  • Sizing Charts

What to Look For in a Snowboard or Ski Helmet

When looking for a helmet the main things to think about are:

  • Weight  - The lighter the helmet the more comfortable it will be.
  • Ventilation - How hot/cold do you get on the hill? The more adjustable venting your helmet has, the more versatile it will be for all conditions.
  • Fit - A helmet that doesn’t fit won’t do its job.
  • Style - With many different designs and colours available, you can match you own unique style. Peaked, sleek, stealth and skater styles… it’s all out there.
  • Function -  Like to listen to your favourite tunes while riding? You might want built in headphones or compatibility with Audio Kits

What to Expect to Spend?  

What you pay will depend on the weight and ventilation your helmet choice offers but also on the features the helmet offers.

It is worth spending a bit more on a helmet. You will have it for a long time and you want it to work if you do fall on your head. You’re only paying the price of two or three day passes in most cases after all.

Getting the Right Helmet Fit

You want a firm but comfortable fit. As a rule, the helmet should not fall off if you bend over with the neck strap undone.

The various brands offer different fits and some have an adjustable fit and range within the size.

Measure your head with a soft tape or piece of string across your forehead and around the widest part of your head. This will give you a centimetre measurement to use as a size reference.

And don’t forget your Goggles when you are ski or snowboard helmet shopping. It’s a good idea to check that your Goggles fit your helmet well.