Snowboard & Ski Glove Gear Guide

Buying the right ski or snowboard gloves can make or break your day on the hill... Warm dry hands, it seems so simple, but picking the right glove to ensure your digits remain toasty and dry takes a bit of consideration.

First up, are you skiing or snowboarding?

Snowboarders get their hands in the snow a lot more then skiers and are always getting in out of their bindings. You'll need a more waterproof and durable glove to stay dry after repeated dunkings in the snow and days of abuse banging bindings on and off.

So snowboarders should look for gloves with high waterproof ratings and very durable palm and finger material, looking out particularly for gloves with rolled finger tips where the material covering the face of the finger rolls over the top and has no seam at the tip of the finger.

Second, do you get cold hands normally or have circulation issues?

This one is fairly easy to solve but means going for gloves with more insulation or even going for mitts. The theory on mitts is that by keeping all fingers enclosed in one space you increase the insulative efficiency of the mitt. If you're not keen on mitts a good well insulated pair of gloves should do the job.

Thirdly, how much skiing or boarding are you going to do?

Gloves are one of those items where you do get what you pay for. If you're going to be snowboarding 30 days a season, don't go for the $50 gloves. They won't go the distance for you.

Cold wet hands can ruin your day on the hill. So invest in the comfort of warm dry hands with a good pair of ski or snowboard gloves.

Please check the sizing charts on the product pages to get the right size pair of snowboard or ski gloves .