Skins 'A400' Shorts

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Skins 'A400' Shorts

Skins 'A400' Shorts

Skins A400 men's compression shorts enhance your performance naturally, whatever your sport. With 400 fit and dynamic gradient compression, you'll notice improved core body control and power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness.

Better circulation, more oxygen to your muscles - Dynamic gradient compression delivers more oxygen filled blood to active muscles to increase power and stamina

Rock-solid base - Memory MX fabric maximises your stability and control while channeling the direction of your muscles

Recover quicker - Less lactic acid build-up, less muscle vibration, less pain after sport

Complete protection - Comfortably shaped crotch for better ball control

Wear Skins A400 mens compression shorts under your team kit to improve your performance like nothing before.

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