Rossignol Krypto MagTek Snowboard 2019

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Rossignol Krypto MagTek Snowboard 2019

The Krypto is crafted from the ground up as a responsive, directional board for all mountain charging. With a smooth, and predictable Directional Camber profile, it allows for high speed charging, with huge amounts of float and forgiveness when you need it from the rockered out nose, the Krypto with give you the confidence you need to charge through crud, and float through powder like it ain't no thang. Premium Magne-Traction serrated edges provide the vital edge hold you need whether it's on a gnarly cliff side, or chargin through those bulletproof morning groomers.

RIDER ABILITY- Advanced / Expert

Due to it's stiffer than average flex, and camber dominant profile, the Krypto is well suited to the hard chargers out there

RIDING STYLE- All Mountain / Freeride

A great option for riders who like to charge hard groomers, technical terrain, and then transition into some powder.

FLEX- 8/10

A Stiffer flex allows for higher stability at speed, better drive out of turns, and higher amounts of pop. At the sacrifice of a bit of playfullness.

PROFILE- Directional Camber

Reverse Camber in the nose make for an easy riding board with tons of float, while Camber going underfoot towards the tail make for a board you can load up with plenty of pop and drive out of turns.

SHAPE- Directional

Directional boards allow for plenty of float and stability at speed due to their larger noses and smaller tails. But they sacrifice the ability to ride switch easily. Great for those who want to charge hard or ride pow!

CORE- Twinwood3

A Twin wood Hybrid Core. This offers a high level of performance and durability. FSC Certified cores also are made in a way that is environmentally, economically, and socially responsible way.

GLASS- Triaxial

This is a traditional Triaxial layout found on most high end boards. Fiberglass running at 0,+45,and -45 degree angles are stitched together to provide a versatile flex both through the length of the board, as well as torsionally.

BASE- Sintered

Sintered bases are found on higher end boards and absorb more wax than their extruded counterparts. This makes them super fast in a wide variety of snow conditions.


163cm - 252mm