Ride Helix Snowboard 2019

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Ride Helix Snowboard 2019

The Helix has built a reputation over the years as a park board for the the guys who like to go BIG. A stiffer than average flex and Hybrid Camber provides stability for even the biggest of jumps, and locks into rails like you wouldn't believe. The Helix was one of the first boards to come to market with asymetric edges, making for more consitent and controllable going from toe to heel edges. Then extensive use of premium materials make for a board that has pop, stability, and drive that wild blow minds.

RIDER ABILITY- Intermediate / Advanced

Due to the Helix's stiffer flex patters, and Camber dominant profile it's well suited towards riders who are looking for a more aggressive handling freestyle board.

RIDING STYLE- All Mountain Freestyle

A great option for riders who do a bit of everything, it's as comfortable in the park as it is all over the resort.

FLEX- 7.5/10

A Stiffer flex allows for higher stability at speed, better drive out of turns, and higher amounts of pop. At the sacrifice of a bit of playfullness

PROFILE- Camrock

Camrock is a type of Hybrid Camber that places camber underfoot and reverse camber sections towards the nose and tail. This allows for all the power, drive, and precision of a fully cambered board, and then makes it easier riding and more controlled. A perfect jack of all trades profile.

SHAPE- True Twin

True Twin Snowboards are perfectly symmetrical in both the nose and tial allowing for a versatile ride that can handle regular or switch riding equally well.

CORE- Performance Core

A High Strength core made from Aspen Wood, Combined with Bamboo, and Paulownia woods to provide a high amount of pop and drive.

GLASS- Hybrid Glass

A blend of both Triaxial and Biaxial glasses. This is designed to be high density yet low weight, and the outcome is a more powerful and dynamic ride than you would find in alot of glass solutions out there. Then added Carbon reinforcement underfoot makes for an even higher level of performance.

BASE- Sintered 4000

Sintered bases are found on higher end boards and absorb more wax than their extruded counterparts. This makes them super fast in a wide variety of snow conditions.


146cm - 248mm