Ride Compact Womens Snowboard 2020

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Ride Compact Womens Snowboard 2020

Packed with tech that makes it suitable for a wide variety of skill levels and riding styles. The Compact packs all the features you want into a small package. A Directional Rocker profile gives a catch free ride, with tons of stability, and tons of float when the going gets deep. Slimewalls help dampen out the ride and track through rough snow with ease, and a combination of Biaxial and Triaxial glass gives a snappy and responsive ride while still being playful. The Compact has you covered no matter how you ride.

RIDER ABILITY- Intermediate

The Compact features a Medium/Soft flex pattern, and a Reverse Camber dominant profile that is suited to everyone from riders that have just found their feet, to seasoned shredders looking for something playful to surf the mountain.

RIDING STYLE- All Mountain Freestyle

A super versatile design that's as suited to side hits and park laps as it is to groomers.

FLEX- 4/10

A Medium flex allows for a board that's a good middle ground between stability at speed, pop, drive out of turns, and still being playful

PROFILE-Directional Rocker

Directional Rocker combines all the best elements of Flat and Reverse camber profiles. Flat Camber between the feet provides stability and edge hold, while Reverse Camber in the nose and tails make for a catch free ride aimed at progression while offering huge float in powder.

SHAPE- Directional Twin

Directional Twin boards are a great jack of all trades type of board, Featuring a slightly longer nose than tail. This allows for a bit more stability and more float in your dominant stance, while still allowing you to ride switch.

CORE- Foundation Core

A full Aspen wood core provides a snappy, responsive ride, with ample durability to stand up to whatever you can throw its way.

GLASS- Hybrid Glass

A blend of both Triaxial and Biaxial glasses. This is designed to be high density yet low weight, and the outcome is a more powerful and dynamic ride than you would find in a lot of glass solutions out there.

BASE- Extruded

Found of most mid range boards, Extruded bases don't hold as much wax and aren't as fast as their Sintered counterparts. But make up for this by being more durable and easier to repair.


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