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Made for spinning - twinning - and total domination of parks the world over The Twinpig takes queues from the Warpigs foundation and packs them into an Asymmetrical Twin package with a softer flex pattern that's tailored for the park.

  • Rider Ability- Intermediate: The Twinpig Features a soft flex and healthy amount of Rocker in the tips that make it well suited to beginner to intermediate riders wanting an easy to ride board.
  • Riding Style- All Mountain / Freestyle: A great option for riders who do a bit of everything, it's as comfortable in the park as it is all over the resort.
  • Flex- 4/10: A slightly softer than medium flex allows for a board that's super playful, while still retaining some stability at speed, pop, drive out of turns.
  • Profile- Cam Rock: Cam rock is a type of Hybrid Camber that places camber underfoot and reverse camber sections towards the nose and tail. This allows for all the power, drive, and precision of a fully cambered board, and then makes it easier riding and more controlled. A perfect jack of all trades profile.
  • Shape- True Twin: True Twin Snowboards are perfectly symmetrical in both the nose and tial allowing for a versatile ride that can handle regular or switch riding equally well.
  • Core- Foundation Core: Made from Aspen wood from tip to tail, this offers a high-performance ride with durability to handle any abuse you can throw its way.
  • Glass- Hybrid Glass: A blend of both Triaxial and Biaxial glasses. This is designed to be high density yet low weight, and the outcome is a more powerful and dynamic ride than you would find in a lot of glass solutions out there. Then added Carbon reinforcement underfoot makes for an even higher level of performance.
  • Base- Extruded: Found of most mid-range boards, Extruded bases don't hold as much wax and aren't as fast as their Sintered counterparts. But make up for this by being more durable and easier to repair