Pomoca Free 2.0 Splitboard Skins

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Pomoca Free 2.0 Splitboard Skins

Pomoca Free 2.0 Splitboard Skins

Split boards have a lot of parts which means your tour can be ended pretty quickly if one of them decides to misbehave. Luckily, the Pomoca Freeride Splitboard skin was created to enable worry free uphill travel. It is 100% nylon and consists of a very resistant synthetic Safer Skin technology for complete waterproofness.Additionally, Pomoca applies an antiglopping Ever Dry process making the skin user friendly for the beginner split boarder or the grizzled veteran. No matter the snow conditions, these skins provide un-paralleled uphill traction, giving you one less thing to have to worry about.


Width: 145mm

Sizes: Medium (158-168cm)

Tip Attachment: Klick Lock - Sewn-In w/ metal clip

Tail Attachment: Sewn-In Adjustable rubber strap.

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