Polar Pro Switchblade Red/Macro Lens Combo for GoPro Hero4/3+

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Polar Pro Switchblade Red/Macro Lens Combo for GoPro Hero4/3+

Polar Pro Switchblade Red/Macro Combo Lens

The Coolest 3 in 1 Combo filter Accessory on the Market. New Aqua Red Filter and Glass Macro Lens for the GoPro Hero3+/4 Housing.

Fits On: Hero4 or Hero3+ Housing

  • Glass Magnifying lens for Creative Close up Shots

  • Red Filter for Tropical Color Correction

  • Provides 2.2X Magnification

  • Both Macro & Red Filter Swing Out

Which Housings will this Fit On?

  • Hero4 or Hero3+ Waterproof Housing

The SwitchBlade3 is a product developed with two years of customer feedback, over 200 dives, and a few company “research� trips. It is probably the most exciting product we have launched to date. This 3 in 1 combo has a red filter, and a glass Macro lens, both which can swing away and be used in any combination.

This accessory features our new Aqua Glass Red filter which is our best color correction formula yet. It captures beautiful deep blue hues as well as vibrant tropical colors which pop off the screen. The Macro lens is also brand new which features more powerful 2.2X magnification as well as being made out of glass for even higher durability against scratching. In addition to the new lens elements we beefed up the Switchblade3+ frame leading to higher durability.

The new Aqua Red filter provides color correction from 10 to 85 feet. The new macro lens on the Switchblade3+ allows the camera to focus sharply from 4 to 18 inches underwater! We thoroughly tested the new macro at our home Dive spot, Catalina Island, and were blown away when we saw what a difference this macro makes for close up shots. It is perfect for capturing little critters and even just cruising right along the reef. If for any reason you are diving shallow you can simply flip the red filter up and use just the macro filter. Check out the difference the Switchblade3+ makes in the video below.


When to start using the Red Filter:
Low Visibility (5 to 30 feet): Use at 10 feet or Deeper
Good Visibility (30+ feet): Use at 15 feet or Deeper

If you use the red filter above those depths, video will turn out red.

Once you are ready to film be sure to clear the filter of any micro bubbles: To do this, simply flip the red filter up and down. In high production value situations we encourage regularly checking to make sure the filter is clear of bubbles.

When to start using the Macro Lens:
1. When filming small subjects (fish, coral, crabs, etc) from 5 to 18 inches away from the camera. The macro lens will add magnification as increase sharpness of close subjects.

1. Get a feel for the range of the macro lens before filming in the wild. Use a bucket or sink, and throw some objects underwater. Shoot from different lengths so you get and idea where the sweet spot range of the macro is.
2. In Our Opinion the best macro FOV setting is Medium. This will allow a nice tight picture without loosing too many pixels. If you are not a fan of switching modes underwater, shoot in wide then you can crop the video down after if needed.
3. Try to shoot with the sun directly behind you whenever possible. This will produce the best color and lighting.