Polar Pro Magenta Cube Filter for GoPro Hero 3

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Polar Pro Magenta Cube Filter for GoPro Hero 3

Polar Pro Magenta Cube Filter

The New Cube Magenta filter is the perfect green water GoPro Hero3 Filter. The Cube Magenta filter is made out of strong optically clear materials which provide maximum color correction.

The Snap-On Magenta filter will pull excess green from your underwater video which yields videos with a more natural color. Cube filter snaps on and off with ease.

Polar Pro's Snap-On filter for GoPro 3 cameras is designed for seamless installation and removal. Simply pop the filter on when below 10 feet and pop it off when above 10 feet. This snap on filter provides the same color correction as other expensive filters. What will you do with the money you save?

This Magenta filter instantly improves under water video colors by correcting the GoproTM cameras white balance. Without a filter GoProTM video footage is too green.

The Filter is made out of a virtually unbreakable optical acrylic which provides durability and sharpness. The Snap-On GoPro filters have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with the results simply return it for a full refund.

Before your next dive pick up a Polar Pro Snap-On Filter and show your how much better your video is without all the green!

When to use:

A Magenta filter can be used right beneath the surface (in very green water) down to 65 feet+. This filter is great for lakes with algae or the green sea water of Canada and the UK. The Magenta filter is designed to pull the excess green color out of the video leaving you with natural colors.

The Snap-On Magenta Filter is the perfect solution for switching between filter and no filter with ease.

Snap On Magenta Includes:

Snap-On Filter


For: Green Water

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