Oakley Offshoot Sunglasses

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Oakley Offshoot Sunglasses

Oakley Offshoot Sunglasses

The big guns of action sports and the music biz are always looking for style that sets them apart, so Oakley took inspiration from our Big Taco sunglass and created a version with a single sweeping lens. The largest O Matter frame Oakley have ever made, the Offshoot is a comfortably lightweight design with metal bands inspired by vintage microphones from the '50s. With Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry for razor-sharp clarity, Offshoot maximizes peripheral vision, side protection, and originality.

If ordinary sunglasses feel too small for you, you just found the right frame. Even guys with average-size faces will enjoy a comfortable fit. Offshoot is about adding volume to personality €� not bulking out with size €� and the confident-cool look carries unique accents. In addition to metal bands at the hinges and stem tips, we gave it our metal “lifestyle� icons to prove the streetwise cred of its smooth, pure style.

The side-to-side contour opens your peripheral view. Thanks to oOakley's ultra-precise optics, you won't see distortion in the periphery like with ordinary sunglasses. The design gives you side protection against wind, sun and impact, and our pure PlutoniteTM lens material filters out 100% of all ultraviolet light.


  • Durable frame of lightweight O Matter, engineered for a comfortable fit on larger faces

  • Unique metal bands at hinges and stem tips

  • Metal icon accents


  • Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry that extends clarity to the edge of a wide peripheral view

  • Lens curvature that enhances side protection against sun, wind and impact

  • Protection of PlutoniteTM lens material that filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm

Also Available In: Iridium and Polarized