Oakley Inferno Line Miner Prizm Torch Goggle

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Oakley Line Miner Inferno Prizm Torch Goggle

Oakley Line Miner Inferno Prizm Torch Goggle

Are you the sort of person who's goggles constantly fog up no matter what you do? The new Line Miner incorporates an electronic lens defroster. By heating the lens over the course of a 3 minute cycle you can completely clear a fogged up goggle (usually within the first 2 minutes of activation). The advantages of a cylindrical lens provide a nice close fit giving you the best possible periphery vision.



Oakley Inferno Goggles - Button Control

With the simple push of a button the lens heats up to the optimum temperature to eliminate fog for good. The module iteself only weights 100g and can be removed on the days where you're unlikely to fog up. The module also provides haptic feedback so that you can feel when the cycle has started and ended.

You should expect around 25-30 3min cycles out of a single battery charge via USB.

Oakley Inferno Battery Pack

HDOTM Lens Technology HDOTM maximizes clarity and impact resistance, and gives you razor sharp clarity at all angles of view. HDOTM lenses provide 100% UV filtering and the best impact resistance in the business.

PlutoniteTM Lens Material Impact resistant, blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light. Only PlutoniteTM stands up to Oakley's performance standards.

Increased Peripheral Vision The goggle sits closer to your face than any goggle Oakley has ever created. This increases downward and side-to-side periphery as much as possible.

Revolutionary Prizm Lens [select colour ways] Developed with military and shooting objectives in mind, Oakley's Prizm lens technology blocks strategic wavelengths along the colour spectrum to maximize contrast between colours.

Interchangeable Lens All lenses are easily interchangeable, allowing you to pick your favorite Prizm lens for any condition. This also allows you to upgrade to a Prizm Inferno lens option at any time.

Dual-Pane Lens with F3 Anti-Fog Coating


Helmet Compatibility Oakley snow goggles are designed to work in harmony with a wide range of helmet styles, with outrigger mounts that distribute pressure evenly across the goggle chassis and silicone beaded inner straps that stay securely in place. 360 frame venting assures optimum airflow when worn with a helmet.

O MatterTM Chassis Flexible O MatterTM frame conforms to your face and remains flexible even in extreme cold.

Rigid Exoskeleton A rigid out-frame eliminates distortion and assures lens fit, while a pliable O MatterTM inner face plate and triple-layer foam give you comfort.


Dual Vented Lenses Dual vents and F3 anti-fog coating keep your vision crystal clear.


Silicone-Backed Strap Non-slip strap keeps your goggles in place even on slippery helmet surfaces.

Removable Strap


Removable triple layer face foam adds wind protection.


Included: Microclear bag for storage and lens cleaning

Oakley Prizm Goggles