Mons Royale Womens Olympus 3.0 Hood

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Mons Royale Womens Olympus 3.0 Hood

Born and Bred in Wanaka, New Zealand.

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Our warmest baselayer is a cold-weather classic. The slim fit 250 merino will keep you warm, while breathable mesh panels prevent you over heating. High fronted hood offers extra protection and warmth.

  • Mons 250 merino wool, our warmest baselayer weight for the coldest of conditions
  • Slim fit and raglan sleeves for ease of movement
  • Merino mesh underarm panels
  • Thumb loops to lock out the cold.

What's the fuss about Merino?

Merino feels super lux next to your skin much softer than traditional wool. That's because the fibres in merino are finer and won't itch! Unlike rotten cotton, merino also has natural anti-bacterial properties, which resist the build-up of odours so it can last a few days without washing. Its unique structure also helps you to regulate your temperature, keeping you warm when it's cold and cool when things start to heat up.

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In instances where body measurements are midway between two sizes we recommend choosing the smaller size for a closer fit or the larger for a looser fit. All Mons Royale garments are long in the torso to give coverage for active use comfort.

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Merino VS Synthetic

Synthetic fibres such as polypropylene & polyester have a much simpler structure than natural wool fibres. These petroleum based fabrics do not absorb or release moisture and cannot breathe due to the simpler construction of synthetic fibres. When knitted into fabric, they are limited to one-way moisture movement - simply no comparison to the superb insulation elements of merino wool.

Merino VS Traditional Wool

Compared to traditional wool, merino is a smoother and finer fibre, which gives it a vastly superior texture and handle compared to traditional coarse wools. The smooth silk-like feel ensures the wearer will enjoy an 'itch-free' experience, even on sensitive skin.

Key Benefits on Mons Royale Merino

There are millions of tiny air pockets in the merino fabric, which trap air and lock in body heat, in cool to very cold weather conditions. Merino wool naturally regulates your temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture, keeping you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

Merino has a soft and smooth texture, which is very different from the itchy feeling of your traditional wool. Additionally, the keratin found in merino has been proven by dermatologists to be beneficial to the softness of human skin - making merino the perfect 'first on' garment.

Merino has natural anti-bacterial properties which resist the build up of odors. Meaning it won't stink at apres ski drinks, and it can last for days without needing to be washed.

Merino has a natural ability to wick away moisture by allowing air to breathe in and out. This means merino can dry quickly, and continue to insulate and cool the body.

Mons Royale Merino is a natural fibre, and must be washed with tender love and care.

Machine Washing

Wash on gentle cycle with cool or lukewarm water, using a mild wool friendly detergent, without bleach. If using powdered soap, completely dissolve it before adding.


You should line dry your Mons Royale garments inside out to stop fading. Ensure your garments are dried in the shade.