IXS Kronos EVO XC Helmet

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IXS Kronos EVO XC Helmet

IXS Kronos EVO XC Helmet

This helmet incorporates all of the features of both the Trail XC and the EVO RS but in a very streamlined, lightweight and slim profile. Hardcore Cross Country racers will absolutely love it.

The other surprising feature of this helmet is the ventilation. Many manufactures claim to have "great ventilation" but if you look at the photos you'll see that the Kronos EVO helmet has enormous vents and they honestly work, you will not be dissapointed.

Lastly, the size adjuster at the rear also has a verticle adjustment that lets you determine how high up on your head the helmet sits. We found it to be very useful for getting the perfect fit to heads of all shapes and sizes.

Feature summary:

Inmould - foam is moulted right into the outershell. This creates a lighter helmet with a quality feel.

in mould

Ergo-fit ultra - head size and height adjustment

ergo fit

Micro dial adjustment - boa style adjustment knob

boa dial adjustment