The Flymount Action Camera Mount

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The Flymount Action Camera Mount

Flymounts were the world's first camera mount designed specifically for action photography, and are now used by TV crews, pro photographers and athletes across the globe.

Their unique system works with virtually ANY camera on the market, giving a bomb proof attachment to roll bars, bike frames, handle bars, windsurf masts and any other tubular object.


Flymounts are made from glass reinforced Nylon 6-6, and marine grade stainless steel, to ensure unbeatable resistance to sunshine, saltwater and extremes of temperature.


Weighing just 166g (5.85oz), Flymounts are one of the lightest mounts on the market today, allowing our customers to film without feeling the weight of a heavy mount on their kit.


To prevent movement and equipment damage, the jaws are lined with protective, hard wearing urethane. All Flymounts are supplied with a high quality braided polyester lanyard, and for GoPro customers we make a quick release adapter, giving the strongest possible connection between camera and mount.


* Ultra Light weight, weighs less than 200g for ultimate performance
* Adjustable between 20mm to 40mm for maximum versatility
* Resistant to shock, salt water and high levels of UV
* Protects equipment with soft urethane jaw inserts
* Withstands temperatures as low as -78°c and as high as 120°c

Compatible With:

All Contour and Drift cameras out of the box, for use with GoPro cameras you will need to grab a GoPro Tripod Mount.

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