Dragon NFX Goggles 2015

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Dragon NFX Goggles 2015

Dragon NFX Goggles 2015

With its distinctive thermo-formed cylindrical lens, the revolutionary styling of our NFX goggle took our patented Frameless Lens Technology in a different direction, mixing a classic flat-lens look with cutting-edge aesthetics and flawless function. Offering effortless lens interchangeability and our full arsenal fit and comfort features, it achieves a balance of progressive looks and proven performance.

Dragon NFX Goggles Features:

Patented Frameless Technology

Armored Venting

Flexible Dual Lexan Lens Anti-Fog Treated

100% UV Protection

Hypollergenic Micro-Fleece Lining

Helmet Compatible

Large Fit

Developed by NASA scientists for space helmet visor and aircraft windshields. Dragon's Super Anti-Fog is an exclusive formula, lasting twice as long as all other anti-fog formulas. The Result, the strongest fog prevention known to man.

Rider designed, tested and approved, Dragon are staking a claim in owning the strongest anti-fog formula known to man, lasting twice as long before fogging when compared to competitors.

Each of Dragon's goggles feature a dual lens configuration, providing a thermal boundary between the cold outside temperatures and hot body temperatures from within. This thermal boundary acts as a transition for the contrasting temperatures, which is the main cause for fog itself. Fog is an accumulation of condensation in the form of tiny water droplets. By dipping the inner lens in our Super Anti Fog formula, surface tension is reduced thus eliminating the ability for the tiny water droplets to bond.

Dragon'sproprietary Super Anti Fog Formula is so effective they've applied it to all of their snow goggles to ensure premium performance.

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