Douchebags Slim Jim Ski Bag

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Douchebags Slim JimSki Bag

All excessive details have been removed from this ultra-lightweight ski bag

The Slim Jim Ski Bag from Douchebags is the Douchebag's little brother. A low profile, lightweight ski bag designed to hold a single pair of alpine skis, or a few pairs of cross country skis, this handy bag is great for the everyday ski trip. The Slim Jim has durable wheels, rolls up fully and has an adjustable length just like its big brother.

Sometimes you don't need a huge, spacious bag for a trip, the Slim Jim is for those trips where small and lightweight are what you need. With all the non-essential features stripped back, this incredibly lightweight bag weighs only 2.7kg! This lightweight bag is a dream to wheel behind you on its sturdy wheels from the top handle.

Carrying skis could not be easier with this stripped back, ultra lightweight ski bag.

Douchebags Slim Jim Bag Features:


Our Length Adjustment System is composed of two top connection rails, two bottom connection rails and our secure lock buckle. The bag can be adjusted to whatever size gear you are traveling with, always providing a rigid structure for safe and comfortable transportation. Forget about banana shaped bags


Wouldn’t it be great if your bag didn’t take up your entire shed or all of the floor space in your chalet? The Length Adjustment System is 100% foldable, making The Douchebag the most storage efficient bag when not in use.


The need for a Lightweight construction became painfully clear when several airliners changed their baggage weight allowances back in 2011. That is why we developed a new and lightweight protection system.

The Rib Cage construction is composed of a foldable, three-stage rib structure that is implemented in the bottom and sidewalls of The Douchebag. A total of 19 separate ABS ribs, in combination with carefully selected, durable materials, make The Douchebag the most protective bag on the market.


The Hookup system fully integrates The Hugger with The Douchebag, turning the two products into one single unit. The system is placed straight above the wheels of The Douchebag where the weight of The Hugger has no torque, making the entire unit feel as light as a feather.

Still wondering why girls always hook up with a douchebag?

Douchebags The Douchebag Ski Bag Specs:

    • Length can be adjusted to fit skis between 106 and 212cm
    • Sturdy wheels
  • 100% foldable

The Lowdown
    • Shape: Coffin Case
    • Size: W:26cm H:13cm L:216cm
    • Max Ski Length 212cm
    • Min Ski Length 108cm
    • Volume: 65 Litres
  • Weight: 2.7kg