Contour Bike Handlebar/Seatpost Mount

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Contour Bike Handlebar/Seatpost Mount

Contour Bar Mount

Attach your Contour to your bike/seatpost (15-33mm) for amazing footage while you're on the go. This Bar Mount safely secures your camera and adjusts easily to give you the ideal angle to record all the action. Also features the TRail System, reducing the time it takes to mount or unmount your camera for more versatile filming options.

Safe and Secure

This mount features a dual screw enclosure so you can attach your camera securely to a variety of bar sizes, as well as a twist lock adjustment which helps you easily achieve the perfect angle.

TRail System

The innovative TRail System reduces the time it takes to mount and remove your camera from your bike. This gives you the freedom to quickly switch from it being tightly secured to filming by hand.

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