Burton Custom X Snowboard 2021

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Burton Custom X Snowboard 2021

The Burton Custom X has made a name for itself as the go to board for those guys who want to go fast and send it big. Over the years some of snowboarding's most demanding riders have helped tweak and craft the ultimate freeride board, with an emphasis on precision and power. The biggest advantage of this is the Custom X's high tech elements, such as carbon highlights replacing fiberglass elements, a competition grade base, and Burtons revolutionary Squeezebox core design. This year Burton has tweaked the shape to make for the hardest charging board they could possibly make.

RIDER ABILITY- Advanced/Expert

The Custom X's stiff flex and full Camber profile make it well suited towards experienced riders


Freeride boards are well suited for the type of rider that loves going fast and hitting tough technical terrain. They also lend themselves well towards powder snow as they are typically stiffer than most boards and have a directional or directional twin design

FLEX- 8/10

A Stiffer flex allows for higher stability at speed, better drive out of turns, and higher amounts of pop. At the sacrifice of a bit of playfulness


Full Camber from tip to tail makes for a board that is well suited towards powerful turns and has loads of pop when loaded up. Full weight distribution over the entire length of the board allows for precise edge control

SHAPE- All Mountain Directional

What we call Directional Twin, this style of board has a slightly longer nose than tail. This allows for a bit more stability and more float in your dominant stance, while still allowing you to ride switch.

CORE- FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core with Dualzone EGD Squeezebox

A blend of Aspen and Paulownia woods that allow for a lightweight design, and awesome pop and snap. While remaining durable. FSC Certified cores also are made in a way that is environmentally, economically, and socially responsible way.

GLASS- 45° Carbon Highlights

This is a traditional Triaxial layout found on most high end boards, but with some of the glass fibers replaced with carbon. This reduces weight and makes for a more aggressive and lively ride

BASE- Sintered WFO Base

The Sintered WFO base takes the great elements of a sintered base and amp them up a bit. They absorb more wax and have a high density, making for a super fast ride in any snow condition


BOARD SIZE 150 154 156 158 162 158W 162W 166W
Weight Range 120-180 lbs. / 54-82 kg 120-180 lbs. / 54-82 kg 150-200 lbs. / 68-91 kg 150-200 lbs. / 68-91 kg 180-260 lbs.+ / 82-118 kg+ 150-200 lbs. / 68-91 kg 180-260 lbs.+ / 82-118 kg+ 180-260 lbs.+ / 82-118 kg+
Waist Width 248mm 250mm 252mm 254mm 256mm 262mm 264mm 266mm
Stance Location -12.5 -12.5 -12.5 -12.5 -12.5 -12.5 -12.5 -12.5
Binding Sizes M M/L M/L M/L L L L L
Running Length 1085mm 1125mm 1145mm 1165mm 1205mm 1165mm 1205mm 1245mm
Sidecut Radius 7.4m 7.6m 7.8m 7.9m 8.2m 7.9m 8.2m 8.4m
Sidecut Depth 20.0mm 20.8mm 21.1mm 21.5mm 22.2mm 21.5mm 22.2mm 23.0mm
Stance Width 505mm 530mm 530mm 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Nose Width 288.1mm 291.5mm 294.3mm 297.0mm 300.5mm 305.0mm 308.5mm 312.0mm
Tail Width 288.1mm 291.5mm 294.3mm 297.0mm 300.5mm 305.0mm 308.5mm 312.0mm
Effective Edge 1135mm 1175mm 1195mm 1215mm 1255mm 1215mm 1255mm 1295mm

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