BERN Bandita EPS Helmet 2015

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BERN Bandita EPS Helmet 2015

BERN Bandita EPS Helmet 2015

The Bandita Helmet is designed for tweeners, not quite small enough for a kids helmet and not quite big enough for the adult models. Designed after the Lenox, the Bandita, uses Bern’s original visor shape and styling and scales it down a bit. Utilizing the EPS Thin Shell technology this lightweight burly construction is certified to protect you whether you’re on a bike or on the slopes. The winter model comes with a winter liner that will keep their head and ears warmer in those colder months at the local hill, but in the summer, can easily be transitioned to a bike helmet with a separate accessory summer liner.

The EPS is a certified helmet, unlike the Baker HardHat counterpart, that is not.

SO why do you want that, you ask? Why does it exist?

The EPS/Thin Shell model is a certified helmet for both bike and snow. This model uses a thin ABS shell lined with EPS Foam to create a burly lightweight lid. A certified helmet is designed to crack and absorb a gnarly impact, much like you may encounter should you take a hard spill on the hill or riding your bike. Depending on the season your helmet will come with either an EPS Summer Comfort Liner or an EPS Winter Liner and you can buy the alternating season’s liner based on your needs to keep up with you through the seasons.

Goggle Compatibility: Works with all goggle types; simply slip your goggles under the goggle clip and over your eyes and you’re good to go! Goggle clip can be removed.

Adjustability: Chin strap adjustment makes a perfect fit easy

Other Features: The BERN Baker EPS Helmet’s EPS construction results in an ABS high-impact shell with expanded polystyrene hard foam.

Sink Fit (see image) design sets the lid around your head, instead of riding on top, providing both advanced comfort and an ultra-low profile

Removable knit liner allows for year-round action-sport use—leave it in to fight off the winter chill and take it out when the weather warms up

The BERN EPS hard foam meets ASTM F 2040 and EN 1077B standards for snow and ski, CPSC and EN 1078 standards for bike and skate