Arva Evo 5 Backcountry Snow Safety Package

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Arva Evo 5 Backcountry Snow Safety Package

The Arva Neo Pack includes the Arva Neo Transceiver, Arva Access shovel, and the Arva Light 2.4 Probe offering you a great package deal for your backcountry pack.

Transceiver: The EVO5, the latest arrival in Arva's line of transceivers, capitalizes on ARVA's 35-year expertise to fit in the palm of your hand. The R&D team pushed the size/performance ratio past the edge of the envelope to create a device that fits perfectly in your snow pants' pocket. With a 50m search strip width, group check, mark function, and an automatic revert-to-transmit mode, the EVO5 is jam packed with all of the essential functions needed to rescue an avalanche victim. Equipped with a backlit screen and a speaker that emits a precise, modulated beep, this transceiver will efficiently and effectively guide you to the burial zone.

Probe: The Arva Light 2.4m Compact Avalanche probe. The best seller of the ARVA range, the Light 2.40 probe is simple and effective and will work for most off-piste and backcountry enthusiasts.


  • 11mm diameter
    • Aluminum
    • Kevlar cord
    • Tension locking
    • New grip
    • 40cm marking
    • Length: 240cm
      • Wight: 190g

                Shovel: The Arva Access TS shovel Is a must have in your backcountry pack. It is designed for skiers or riders that are looking for a simple but effective shovel. Made with Aluminium this shovel is strong and dependable, with a large 25 x 25cm blade that covers a lot of area every shovel load. A lightweight shovel of 530g the perfect companion for any adventure.