Ski and Snowboard After Care

After purchasing a pair of skis or a snowboard, there is a good chance it’s been a while since they came out of the factory. They will always have a layer of factory wax on them but the sooner you can get some wax on them the better. You will really feel the difference once they are on snow. The core absorbs most of the factory wax by the time they reach the shop floor. If you purchase with us, we can put your skis/snowboard through our in house workshop and get you set up with a fresh wax so you are ready to go out on the mountain as soon as you get them.

To get the best out of your ski and to help them last many seasons, there are a couple things you can do.

DRY YOUR SKIS/BOARD. This is a huge one. Metal edges plus water means rusty edges. By simply drying them off before they go into storage means you will not get any build up rust. Try not to leave them in the car wet else they will rust! Drying them off the best you can will help delay this happening.  If it slipped your mind before putting them away for summer drop them into us at the workshop and we can clean up your edges!

REGULAR WAXING. There is really no such thing as to much wax. It will only benefit your ski or board the more you do it. If you’re unsure if your set up needs some love drop it into store or send us a picture and we can advise on what work needs to be done.

STORAGE PREP. After a long season your set up will need some attention before it goes to rest for the summer. If you have a snow board take off your bindings and bring it to our workshop.