part pay

How does PartPay work?

It's easy. Just shop on our website as you normally would and select PartPay as your payment option at our checkout screen. 

The beauty of PartPay it that unlike traditional Layby when you have to wait to pay the full amount before you can get your products, you get your products straight away and then pay the amount back over 6 weeks in small, automatic, totally manageable, sometimes unnoticeable increments.

If this is your first time using PartPay you will need to sign up so the PartPay team can do a quick identification and credit assessment. Once approved you will have your own PartPay login and password to use for the current, and future transactions on our site.

After you agree to the installment plan (see below) PartPay will take the first payment of 25% and your order will be placed.

Maybe some visual representation would help...


What BaseNZ purchases can I use PartPay for?

PartPay is available on all BaseNZ orders starting at $50 and up to orders of $1500.

So, no interest and no fees?

That's right, but if you miss an instalment PartPay will charge you a 'default fee'. This fee is $8 for missing the payment and a further $8 for every week the payment is outstanding.

Can I make an early repayment?

Sure. Just log on to your PartPay customer account on the PartPay website here and follow the instructions. If you are having any trouble, please email the team at PartPay at

Why wasn't I accepted? I'm totally good for it!

We're sorry- it's not on us; The PartPay system assesses a number of different factors and includes inputs from third parties such as identity verification and credit assessment providers. You can still use another payment method. If you have any issues with PartPay please contact them at

Will I be reminded about my installments?

Yes, PartPay will drop you a text and email you the day before they take the installment payment, but it is still down to you to ensure there are sufficient funds in your account to cover each installment on the relevant date.

Sorry, I was late for one of my installments, how do I fix it?

No problem. Just log on to your PartPay account on their website and follow the instructions to make a payment. If you are having any trouble please email PartPay at

How does the BaseNZ Returns Policy work with PartPay?

Product returns are still subject to the normal BaseNZ 90 day returns policy. Our customer service team will be able to help you with any refunds or exchange requests.  Just contact us via one of the options found here. 

Are my details safe?

Yes. Both BaseNZ and the PartPay websites are SSL secure and we (BaseNZ) do not store your debit card details.

Looking for further information?

For full terms and conditions or queries about PartPay in general, you can visit the Part Pay website here.