basenz exclusive two year warranty

      We go beyond the manufacturer's guarantee...

      Buy a new snowboard or skis from BaseNZ and enjoy an added peace of mind — your purchase comes with our exclusive 2-year ski & snowboard warranty.

      Our warranty will cover you for damage beyond repair to your board or skis within 2 years of purchase if it is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Awesome, right?

      Assuming you did not trash your gear deliberately*, we will pay 50% of the original cost of your board or skis for 2 years from the date of purchase to buy a replacement from BaseNZ at the recommended retail price.

      To protect your skis or board from theft, register with BaseNZ Rider Rewards online — we will have a permanent record of your equipment purchased and you can start reaping the benefits of our Rider Rewards Program too.

      The small print (because it's always got to be there):

      1. Discontinued or limited edition products may not be available for warranty replacement. BaseNZ reserves the right to replace any out-of-stock, discontinued or limited edition product with a comparable product.

      2. The BaseNZ Exclusive Two Year Warranty covers accidental damage outside of the manufacturer's warranty. Warranty replacement requests are assessed on a case by case basis. BaseNZ reserves the right to refuse any replacement request if we determine that the damage in question was deliberate rather than accidental.

      3. The BaseNZ Exclusive Two Year Warranty only applies to skis or Snowboards purchased at full price and does not apply to discounted sales.

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