Ride Machete Jr Youth Snowboard 2021

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Ride Machete Jr Snowboard 2021

The Machete Jr takes the ever popular Machete and scales it down to suit a smaller rider. With features aimed towards progression, like a catch free Twin Rocker profile, a True Twin shape, and a super durable Extruded base. The Machete Jr is the perfect board for the next crop of aspiring pro's.

RIDER ABILITY- Beginner / Intermediate

The Machete Jr is made to be a loose and catch free all mountain freestyle board, with a mid flex that provides the best of both worlds in terms of playfulness and responsiveness, and a Rocker profile that is loose and catch free.


RIDING STYLE- All Mountain / Freestyle

A great option for riders who do a bit of everything, it's as comfortable in the park as it is all over the resort.

FLEX- 5/10

A Medium flex allows for a board that's a good middle ground between stability at speed, pop, drive out of turns, and still being playful


A combination of Flat camber throughout the length of the board, with rocker at the nose and tail allows for a stable and confidence inspiring ride, with the ease and forgiveness of reverse camber.

SHAPE- True Twin

True Twin Snowboards are perfectly symmetrical in both the nose and tial allowing for a versatile ride that can handle regular or switch riding equally well.

CORE-Foundation Core

Made from Aspen wood from tip to tail, this offers a high-performance ride with durability to handle any abuse you can throw its way.

GLASS- Biaxial

Biaxial Fibreglass allows for a poppy and responsive flex throughout the length of the board while allowing for more flex torsionally. This allows for a looser riding board.

BASE- Extruded

Found of most mid range boards, Extruded bases don't hold as much wax and aren't as fast as their Sintered counterparts. But make up for this by being more durable and easier to repair.


(CM) (MM) (MM) (MM) (MM) (MM) (MM) (LBS / KG)
130 1025 238 7.4 5.9 7.4 279 / 279 0 406 50-100 / 23-45
135 1051 240 7.7 6.2 7.7 282 / 282 0 432 50-100 / 23-45
139 1076 242 7.9 6.4 7.9 285 / 285 0 457 60-110 / 27-50
145 1117 248 8.4 6.9 8.4 292 / 292 0 483 80-130 / 36-59
148 1142 250 8.7 7.2 8.7 294 / 294 0 483 80-130 / 36-59