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Like all great beginnings Evoc started out to solve problems. Firstly an avalance related injury to Holger Feist (that could have been a lot worse) sparked the idea for a backpack with an integrated protector. Secondly, when you travel frequently with a bike, you realise that a bike box pillaged from the local bike store just doesn't cut it when your pride and joy slides out at the airport coneyor belt half hanging out of a torn up box. It was time to build a proper bike luggage system!

And like all great companies, the initial run of bags was just for personal use along with a few extras for friends and family but news of great products spread quickly and ultimately the business was born. is an Authorized Premium Evoc Dealer.


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  • Evoc CC 3L Hydration System Backpack



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    Evoc CC 3L Hydration System Backpack

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