Time has flown by the last few months. I'm off to Niseko, Japan in 2 weeks to work and shred, and can hardly bottle my excitement. My visa has finally been approved so a huge weight has been lifted there. Although I know I'm going to have to wrestle whoever I'm assigned to sit next to on the flight for the arm rest, I'm feeling pretty confident and can't wait to start my journey. Now that all of this has been done I can focus on packing what's left. And enjoying my last few weeks around my home town. 


I'll be documenting my travels from start to finish and up dating this site weekly to fortnightly.

So if any of you people who happen to be reading this want to see a small resort "park rat" go get lost and into mischief on the other side of the world, riding eye ball deep powder and eating far to much ramen, then you should keep an eye on this space! What else are you going to use the internet for, cat pictures and facebook?


anyway, thanks for reading and I'll see you all on the world wide web!