Northern Hemi Season Wrap

I left for the northern hemi winter early Jan 17, I was super stoked to be heading to the US for the first time to ski. I arrived at San Fran airport and got detained for travelling alone under 18yrs and nearly missed my flight to Denver where my coach was waiting to pick me up.

Managed to talk them into letting me fly and got on the United flight. I was there skiing with four other teenagers from New Zealand all keen to progress our skills and generally spend as much time skiing as possible. We were up at 6am each day and on snow till it was dark. Eat,Ski and Sleep was our daily routine. I skied at Copper Mountain, Keystone, Brekenridge, Winter Park and Aspen ,Snowmass and Buttermilk. The parks were amazing!!! I had only experienced skiing in New Zealand before this so I was blown away by the awesome amounts of snow and size of the jumps!
I am a super keen rail skier so I was in heaven. Rails of every kind in multiple parks at each place. Keystone rails were concrete so that was a first! Endless S rails which I spent heaps of time on and every rail you can imagine to hit.

I managed to hit my first tree on my first day skiing powder at Brek. That wasn't a great experience but it sure made we look up more haha. One smashed pair of googles later and a broken ski I was at least not injured.

We had one day off a week and we all spent that day at woodward usually. Woodward was incredible for learning new tricks and we went there every spare moment we had. I learnt to skate on inline skates at woodward which was so good for training.

Comp time was upon us and my runs were planned well, I had them down on the practice runs.
Judged runs started and it was snowing, the snow slow now and both my runs didn't go how I planned.
I didnt place but knew I was happy with practice runs and on another day the result may have gone my way.
Many days of training followed and along with training came sore muscles and heaps of laughter as we all grew our skill sets.

We were then off to Aspen for the Aspen Open,  I couldn't enter as I didn't have a FIS licence. I hadn't been told I needed one so was surprised but still had an awesome week skiing so was still stoked.
I had learnt some awesome new skills and hadn't been injured so the trip for me was a massive success!

Thanks to my Sponsors and my Mum and Dad for the experience of a life time.