Choosing the colour of your goggles lens isn't a style choice -- well, maybe a little. Your lens choice should be based on the conditions you are likely to be wearing your goggles in...

Lens that work well on a blue bird day won't serve you so well in a white out when its hard to tell snow from cloud. As a general guide:

  • For Blue Bird / Bright Light - Choose Prizm Black, Chromapop Sun, Mirrored / Ionized / Sol-X, or Iridium lens.
  • For Partly Cloudy / Medium Light - Choose Prizm Sapphire, Jade, Torch, Chromapop Everyday, Persimmon, Ignitor or RC36 tint lens.
  • For Cloudy / Low Light - Choose Prizm Rose, HI Pink, Chromapop Storm, Sensor or a Yellow lens.

Goggle lens colour options do vary from brand to brand but what they have in common is a VLT (Visual Light Transmission) %age rating. The lower the VLT percentage the darker the lens tint. Lenses with a high a VLT percentage are best used in lower level light conditions, lenses with a lower VLT will be more suited to brighter conditions. What both Oakley and Smith have done to make life easy is to produce a guide showing the light conditions and what lens would be the best. If you have any questions or need some advice, you can contact us HERE and we'll be able to get you sorted. We've tried and tested all of these lenses and are always happy to help.

The General Lens Guide from Smith (more detailed below) 

Nerd out on this 

This vid shows the Chromapop lenses on the mountain, not very technical but you do get a good view of what they look like 

This one explains how Chromapop really works - 


The Light condition Guide from Oakley (More detailed below) 

*Prizm Hi-Pink sits on the far right - Definatly for low light / overcast conditions.

Oakley Prizm vid - 

Oakley Prizm Rose Vid - 

Here is a full technical explanation of how Prizm exactly works -

VLT Techfest -