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The Tracer Series' flagship and jack of all trades, the 98 is a go-hard all-mountain ski that easily initiates a turn while maintain damp and stable constrution thanks to a layer of Xrystal Mesh. Yet its beveled edges make for a lighter ski that is a legit option for any ski applications you can think of.

Inspired by the meticulous work of Southern California’s surfboard glassers, the Tracer Series’ graphics depict our own detailed design and precise construction that go into this new collection, while nodding to our own West Coast roots. Armada graphic designer and resident artist Joseph Toney borrowed theses surfboard builders’ glassing techniques to create the original Tracer art – using wax, stain, paint and resin to create these skis’ organic textures. “When approaching the design, we wanted to utilize all part of the ski, the new 3D top construction and what’s actually inside. That’s where the ‘windows’ in the graphic comes into play, letting you feel the rawness of the ski.” –Joseph Toney

Warranty: Normally a 12 Month Manufactures - Extended to 24 Months through our Exclusive Base Guarantee


STYLE: All Mountain

ABILITY: Intermediate / Advanced

Free Ski Set Mounting        

If you buy skis and bindings together we can mount them for you free of charge. 

Ski Brake Info

We recommend a pair of bindings with a brake from 5 up to 10 mm wider than your ski.


• AR75 Sidewall
• Hybrid Ultra-Lite Core
• Xrystal Mesh
• EST All-Mountain Rocker
• Comp Series Base
• Ti Binding Reinforcement
• Carbon Fiber Layup
• 1.7 Impact Edge
• I-Clip Tail
• Tapertops


Unsure which is the right length for you? - Contact us HERE and let us know a little about your Skiing along with your Height and Weight and we'll get you sorted.

 EST Freeride Rocker – Rockered tip and tail combined with positive camber underfoot, to provide flotation in soft snow and create remarkable edge on the harder stuff.

Hybrid Ultra-Light Core – A combination of lightweight woods throughout and hardwood laminates underfoot, the Hybrid Ultra-Lite Core created the ultimate in agility and maneuverability without sacrificing any security or dampness underfoot.

Xrystal Mesh - Armada's own weight saving material. Every little counts!

Comp Series Base – Armada's fastest base.

Laminate Matrix – Directional layering of fiberglass dictates flex pattern and torsional rigidity.

1.7 mm Impact Edge – Light, strong, and heat treated for durability.